The new premium department store – open your next shop in Goerlitz

In the heart of the town Goerlitz in Eastern Saxony you can find one of the most magnificent department stores worldwide. Built 100 years ago and modelled on the famous Berlin department store Wertheim, it was the mercantile centre of the Goerlitz region for a long time, with its strong influence radiating into Silesia and the Czech regions. These days, however, this architectural jewel rather resembles a sleeping beauty. Despite being a profitable business in a central location, the department store has been standing empty for nearly five years after the insolvency of its then owner, a large retailing group. This gave the film industry the opportunity of using the imposing palace-like building as a setting for different films, amongst them the opening film of the last Berlinale, “The Grand Budapest Hotel”. The enclosed brochure gives you an overview of the department store or Kaufhaus Goerlitz.

We acquired the building because we would like to give this gem back to the people of Goerlitz. At first glance, it might not seem a lucrative investment as the region of Upper Lusatia is still lacking in spending power. However, Goerlitz is not a marginal town anymore, but much rather the centre of an upcoming region: nowadays, there are no more border checks or customs barriers and it won’t be long until half Silesia heads to Goerlitz to indulge in elegant shopping. Today’s Polish customers seek high-class products – they are brand-conscious and increasingly able and willing to spend on high-quality goods. In Goerlitz, you have the opportunity to present your products to the customers from our eastern neighbouring countries. Please take this unique chance and move into the “Lafayette” of the east! Secure the foundation for a new successful branch so long as the most promising sales space is still available! Help us kiss this sleeping beauty awake!

Please contact us, we would be more than happy to visit you and explain more about the project. We are confident you will be enchanted by the Kaufhaus Goerlitz.

Yours sincerely